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About these resources

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Learning Mathematics in context is designed to help you explore aspects of teaching and learning of Mathematics within subject and vocational areas. These resources focus on four areas:

  • Challenges
  • Planning
  • Reflection
  • Collaboration


Are there areas of mathematical understanding that hold back your learners? Are there areas of Mathematics that you find daunting to teach? This section provides an opportunity to explore some of the challenges faced by teachers from subject and vocational areas. Consider how these challenges relate to you and your learners.


How do you identify and plan to teach the mathematical content in your subject or vocational area? Is there an area of Mathematics relating to your own subject or vocational area that you would like to understand better? This section provides ideas on developing session plans and activities for teaching Mathematics in your subject or vocational area. The starting point is the introduction of effective approaches to teaching and learning Mathematics, drawn from the Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics and Maths4Life: Thinking Through Mathematics resources.


Throughout this resource you will be encouraged to reflect on your current practice, to try out new ideas and to evaluate their impact. This section allows you to observe vocational teachers reflecting on Mathematics sessions they have used with their learners. Use their reflections to support the development of your own reflective practice.


Collaboration between vocational teachers and Mathematics teachers formed the starting point for the work this project. In this section you can hear teachers sharing their experiences of working together. You can also find out how Subject Learning Coaches are helping and encouraging this process. This section will also help you develop ways of promoting collaborative practice in your own organisation.