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Cross-curricular resources

Cross-curricular resources

These resources illustrate the different ways in which you and your team can enhance learners' experiences and support them to be successful within your subject or vocational area. The resources will help you develop your understanding of each theme and provide suggestions on how you can incorporate them into your teaching.

We hope you enjoy exploring these themes with your colleagues and learners and use the approaches and activities to support your continuing professional development (CPD).

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Rethinking induction:

Enterprise resources

Whatever the length of an induction programme, learners often complain that it is too long because they do not enjoy sitting still and receiving more information than they can process.
Inspectors' reports point out that induction should:

• help learners decide whether or not they are on the right course
• introduce the content of the course
• introduce learners to how they and their course work will be assessed and what support they can expect
• raise awareness of diversity issues
• include elements of initial assessment and diagnostic screening, and provide learners with the outcomes of this.

A good place to start thinking about these and others issues in your induction programme is the CPD activity Planning the learner experience. This is a wide-ranging activity that stimulates debate amongst colleagues.

Download the cards and the supporting information within the Rethinking induction booklet and instruction leaflet. This activity is designed to support a partnership approach to planning. You may like to use the cards when working one to one or with a small, informal group. They can also be used during more formal continuing professional development (CPD) sessions.
To find out further supporting information about Planning the learner experience visit Rethinking induction from Engineering:Planning for success and read Planning the learner experience activity guide and Planning the learner experience supporting information..

Motivational dialogue

Foundation Learning

Motivational dialogue is a powerful set of skills and techniques that can support improved teaching and learning in a number of ways. This new resource provides a comprehensive set of activities to help you develop the knowledge and understanding required to fulfil the practice of motivational dialogue. The skills and techniques used in motivational dialogue are not difficult to learn but you do have to practise them.

When people make significant changes in their lives, they go through an identifiable series of stages. These categories of change are represented within the Wheel of change.

The motivational dialogue resources will deepen your understanding of the motivational dialogue process which, in turn, will enable you to recognise the behavioural and attitudinal signs at each stage of the journey of change and, consequently, the appropriate helping strategies for that stage.


Enterprise resources

Find out about the skills, attitudes and behaviours which are relevant to Enterprise and individuals using initiative, spotting or creating opportunities and developing ideas into reality in their own businesses, in employment or in social and community settings.

Customer Care

Customer Care resources

Customer care isn't just about understanding and meeting the needs of customers outside an organisation it also covers effective relationships with internal customers. These resources focus on the skills, attitudes and behaviours that are highly valued by employers and are relevant in all vocational contexts.

Health, safety and well-being

Health & Safety resources

Health, safety and well-being isn't just about preventing slips, trips and falls - a healthy working environment is based on taking personal responsibility for your own and others' well-being. These resources focus on the skills, attitudes and behaviours that will help your learners become responsible employees.

Developing the expert learner

Developing Expert Learner resources

This resource helps you to explore the concept of the expert learner. You will find inspiring examples of what some providers are already doing to develop expert learner characteristics in their learners. There is also CPD guidance to help develop your own practice in this area as well as links to other relevant resources.

Learning Mathematics in context

Learning Mathematics in Context resources

Learning Mathematics in context is designed to help you explore aspects of teaching and learning of Mathematics within subject and vocational areas. These resources focus on four areas:

  • challenges
  • planning
  • reflection
  • collaboration

If you recognise these challenges then these resources, Learning Mathematics in context, will interest you.

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