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Motivational dialogue

Motivational dialogue is a powerful set of skills and techniques that can support improved teaching and learning in a number of ways. This new resource provides a comprehensive set of activities to help you develop the knowledge and understanding required to fulfil the practice of motivational dialogue. The skills and techniques used in motivational dialogue are not difficult to learn but you do have to practise them.

When people make significant changes in their lives, they go through an identifiable series of stages. These categories of change are represented within the Wheel of change.

The motivational dialogue resources will deepen your understanding of the motivational dialogue process which, in turn, will enable you to recognise the behavioural and attitudinal signs at each stage of the journey of change and, consequently, the appropriate helping strategies for that stage.


The new teaching and learning resources provide challenge and stimulus for teachers, trainers and learners. You can:

  • explore 10 pedagogy approaches in the Effective teaching and learning area. You will find Quick start guides and a stimulating discussion activity, Talking teaching, training and learning
  • find tools and ideas to help you plan your continuing professional development (CPD) in the Supporting your CPD area
  • look at the Cross-curricular themes and consider how your learners can consider developing new skills
  • Explore the resources in the Foundation learning area.

Are you keen on improving the achievements of learners on Foundation learning courses?

We encourage you to become a member of the national community of Foundation learning tutors currently engaged in the Teaching and Learning Programme.

You can participate in the Teaching and Learning Programme for Foundation learning in a variety of ways:

  • consider becoming a Subject Learning Coach for Foundation learning
  • consider becoming an E-Guide
  • use the resources developed by the Teaching and Learning Programme to explore your continuing professional development.



Explore the download library to find multimedia resources developed for teachers of E2E. These build on existing successful practice and include:

  • exploration of new ideas in teaching and learning
  • example session plans and activities for learners
  • case studies
  • feedback from teachers, trainers and learners.

Explore all the resources for this national programme.

Explore ways of keeping your practice up-to-date and meeting the new CPD requirements.

Find out more about implementing active learning approaches to motivate and engage your learners.

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