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Quick start guides

Quick start guide

Quick start guides amplify the 10 pedagogic approaches introduced in Talking teaching, training and learning.

They provide:

  • quick, practical ideas that you can 'use today'
  • underpinning rationale and the research background to increase your understanding about how and why the 10 approaches work
  • references and links to examples of each pedagogy approach in action in the Teaching and Learning Programme resources.

Use Quick start guides as a starting point for further research and experiment in initial teacher training or as part of your CPD. Consider how you will use the ideas to experiment with new approaches in your teaching. Try these ideas with colleagues.

  • Which work best for 'hard to learn' or 'hard to teach' topics?
  • How can each pedagogy approach improve learning in themes such as revision or preparation for work experience? Prepare and share ideas and activities to improve learning in the themes. Try them out and evaluate the impact.
  • Using the Quick start approach, research and share ideas for development of other pedagogies.

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