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Introducing the 10 pedagogy approaches

Introducing the 10 pedagogy approaches

Responses of learners and teachers to active learning approaches in previous Teaching and Learning Programme resources provide overwhelming evidence of their success in motivating and engaging learners and supporting their learning. The 10 approaches that form this framework have shown to be particularly valuable stepping stones to improving professional practice. Each approach is supported by evidence-based research.

The 10 approaches do not claim to provide an exhaustive list of strategies for teaching and learning. You will also notice that there is overlap and complementarity between them. To avoid an 'atomised' approach it is important to see the framework as a whole and to draw on the most appropriate strategy or strategies for each situation.

Find out more about the approaches and try them out as part of your continuing professional development (CPD). Involve your learners as you experiment - let them benefit from being involved in your learning just as you benefit from theirs.

The resources and ideas in the Effective teaching and learning section have been developed in discussion with the Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETTs).