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Latest 2009 resources for Modern foreign languages (MFL)!

A Polish version of the soap opera interactive resource, Cliffhanger Studios, has been produced to extend the reach of the existing resource and to benefit the MFL sector by responding to the inwards migration of Polish workers and by supporting the growth of Polish language learners.


Download Soap opera interactive resource

An MFL Continuing Professional Development (CPD) module on Motivating language learners and meeting their needs has been designed to support MFL teaching and learning in the learning and skills sector, as part of the Subject Learning Coach (SLC) programme.

The MFL CPD module includes the following:

  • Videos and accompanying guidance to promote reflection, discussion of current practice and ideas for development and improvement.
  • CPD activities to promote active learning and the sharing of good practice.
  • Links to other resources to further support your CPD in this area.
  • A guidance booklet Making a difference to support you in using these resources

Explore the MFL CPD module


Are you a teacher of MFL? Are you keen on improving the achievements of learners on your courses? We encourage you to become a member of the national community of teachers of MFL currently engaged in the Teaching and Learning Programme (TLP).

You can participate in a variety of ways:

  • consider becoming a Subject Learning Coach for MFL
  • consider becoming an E-Guide
  • use the resources developed by the TLP to explore opportunities created by the 30 hours (or pro rata) CPD requirement.

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