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Putting CPD into action: Getting started

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The resources in this section will help you undertake developmental activities that will:

  • contribute to the effectiveness of your work team(s);
  • involve collaboration and 'situated learning'*; and
  • draw on the support of colleagues within and outside the teams in which you work.

They reinforce the principle that professional development at its most effective is more than the implementation of individual action plans. CPD has the greatest impact when it takes place in the context of your work team and the organisation as a whole. The performance of the organisation overall is likely to be highest when development activities are designed to serve its needs and the needs of individuals and teams.

As a starting point, download the documents Supporting collaborative CPD and Putting CPD into context.

Then select Next to begin exploring and experimenting with the tools. Involve your colleagues in using them too. You will find that the resources are particularly useful in the early stages of your joint planning processes.

*Situated learning is learning that:

  • takes place in the same context in which it is applied; and
  • emerges out of the interaction and collaboration between practitioners.



Supporting collaborative CPD
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Putting CPD into context
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