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Putting CPD into action: FutureTech: Nuclear

Nuclear atoms


Welcome! Here you will find a wealth of resources to enhance your teaching and help you to support your learners in STEM (Science, Engineering and Mathematics). This Nuclear e-induction pack has been created for LSIS by the New Engineering Foundation utilising material from a number of sources including materials in the public domain. Please see the licensing conditions in the acknowledgements section below.

The pack will give you exposure to this new technology and will help you gain a broad-based understanding in the subject. It will help you gain an appreciation of how to handle these technologies and how these technologies are being used. This pack will give you an understanding of what skills need to be developed to meet industry needs.

This nuclear e-induction pack is composed of the following six modules:
Module 1 – Introduction to nuclear
Module 2 – Nuclear technology concepts
Module 3 – Nuclear applications
Module 4 – Power plant construction
Module 5 – Emerging technologies
Module 6 – Skills and competencies required

The main aim of this nuclear e-induction pack is to provide you with the building blocks of knowledge, giving you rapid immersion into new subject areas, thereby spring boarding new topic content or curriculum development. You will be able to use this e-Induction Pack as part of your technical CPD requirement, qualifying for up to six CPD hours when your learning is reflected and recorded using the Institute for Learning’s REfLECT Reflective Log.


These resources are examples of outputs from the LSIS STEM Programme’s partners. They have been produced to the highest standards using materials from a number of sources including materials in the public domain including Wikipedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

These resources have been made available by practitioners for fellow practitioners to use. The contents should not be compared with commercially produced resources, although in many cases they may have comparable or better learning outcomes.  Every effort has been made to ensure that no copyright has been infringed.  Copyright of the individual resources rests with the respective owners. If you are the owner of any resources or images used in this compilation, please contact us so that we can acknowledge your ownership.

Please note that acceptance of this resource indemnifies LSIS, the STEM consortium and ALL of its partners from any loss resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this resource.


The commercial products featured and referenced in this pack are often one of many available on the market and no endorsement of these products is being made in this resource.

Licensing conditions

Practitioners should check each resource before use to make sure that it is relevant and appropriate for their learners or colleagues, and are free to make corrections or adaptations if required under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0.

This compilation copyright (C) Learning and Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) 2010. All rights reserved.